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Can I have users added to my account who cannot buy content

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Our platform is built for large teams to manage, collaborate, and share content. A lot of our clients have designated users with "Buying Power" and some users with only "Browsing Abilities".

Based on feedback from our clients, here's what our Buyers & Browsers can do:

The Admin and Buyer Users can:

  • Invite new users to join the account

  • Designate which users are "Buyers" and which users are "Browsers"

Quick snapshot of how Browsers works:

  • Browsers can search our platform for content of interest

  • Click "Request to Buy" button on each photo or video detail page to notify the Buyer(s)

  • Any Buyer can then Approve the Request to Buy the License

  • Once approved, the Browser, Admin, or the Buyer can download the Purchased Content from the Library

Browsers on Agency accounts have the additional ability to add their Client Licensee Name and Job ID to the Purchase Request.

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