How often do I get paid?
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As a pocstock contributor, you will be paid for several different things on the schedules of the payment type. The specific timing of you receiving the payments we send depends on your specific payment methods, location, and processing time of your bank.

Royalties - as our customers purchase licenses for your photos and videos, you will earn royalties. These royalties are automatically transferred from our account to yours monthly within 30 days of the following month.

Cash Bonuses - we incentivize certain activities from time to time. These bonuses are paid monthly within 30 days.

Contest Winnings - from time to time we host photo contests and often there is a cash prize. If selected as a winner, your cash prize will be paid to you within 30 days of you being selected and contacted as the winner. This payment schedule is subject to the contest rules and having provided us with the correct payment information.

Project Fees - from time to time we hire our contributors for client and internal projects around the world. If selected, you will be paid NET 30 days of satisfactory delivery of required services. You will need to provide us with an invoice. A separate contract with payment terms are required for projects.

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