What does Editorial mean?
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Editorial images that are usually used to accompany text in publications to help tell a story or educate readers. Editorial images don’t require model or property releases from the people seen in the photos, so there are limited acceptable use cases.

Typical uses of our Editorial content:

Editorial photos can be used in blog articles, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books, ebooks, etc.

In the body of content related to newsworthy events or topics of general public interest eg. Black Lives Matter social justice protests, US 2020 Elections, Covid-19 global pandemic, etc.

Editorial images are intended to be used in the body of the articles or texts, accompanying and/or illustrating the text portion of the article.

Editorial Credits

All of our Editorial images must be accompanied by an Editorial Credit

eg. "Photo by Photographer Name/pocstock" or "Photo by Photographer Name via POCSTOCK" as indicated on each image

Our company name must be presented as "pocstock" or "POCSTOCK" not "POCStock, POC Stock, Pocstock" or any other variation.

Improper use of our Editorial content:

Editorial images cannot be used for any commercial use.

Editorial photos cannot be used in templates, as part of the graphic design, or as the cover art

Other than resizing, you cannot edit, retouch, modify or otherwise change the content of our Editorial photos. They must be used “as is”.

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