Content review process

Becoming a contributor at pocstock

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Initial evaluation

The first time you sign up as a pocstock contributor, we’ll need to evaluate 3 samples of your best work.  Our curation team will provide you with feedback every step of the way to ensure that your content meets our standards. 

Content review process

Once approved as a Contributor, you’ll be able to create Submissions, which are groups of up to 100 images that can be submitted at once.  There are no limits on the number of submissions you can create.  No matter how often you submit, we will need to review every single image, every time.

Expect to receive feedback

Our curation team will review each piece of content you submit, and check for technical and aesthetic quality, commercial viability, review model and  property releases, and either approve, reject, or provide notes. At some point every contributor will have some of their files rejected. It’s normal. So, don’t give up! Keep shooting and submitting!

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