How do contributors get paid?

You’ll earn a royalty for your content (ie photos, illustrations, and videos) sold to customers on our platform.

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For stock content purchases

You’ll earn a percentage of payments received (royalties) for your content (photos, illustrations, videos, etc.) sold to customers on our platform.

For content that can only be found on "Exclusive Content", we’ll pay you 35% to 50% of the net price paid by the buyer.

For content you're also selling on your own or via other platforms "Non-Exclusive Content", the royalty rate is 25% to 50% for images.

Prices paid by the customer vary depending on certain factors such as image dimensions, discounted rates, subscription plan, promotional rates, license rights, and sometimes the rarity of the content.

For special projects & assignment work

From time to time, our customers and partners will request special assignments and  projects such as custom photo or video shoots, media coverage, etc. Should you be assigned a project, you will be paid NET 30 (within 30 days) of satisfactory completion and acceptance of the project by our client.

Payments with Stripe

We use the global payment platform to securely manage payments to our contributors around the world. Once you create your payment account by providing Stripe with your banking details and ID, you can begin receiving payments.  

As of September 1st 2020, Stripe is available in the following countries. Check for up to date information. If your country is not listed, we will use alternate payment options in your region.

When will you get paid?

You'll automatically receive payments when a customer has purchased your content on our platform and you do not have a negative account balance. You will also receive payments if you have completed a special project / assignment for us, or won a contest in which there is a cash prize. All earnings will be automatically be reported on your dashboard.

You will need to have an active contributor account in good standing on and have completed the Stripe onboarding process.

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